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Программа вступительного тестирования по английскому языку для лиц, поступающих в магистратуру, разработана в соответствии с Государственными Образовательными Стандартами Высшего Профессионального Образования.

Цель тестирования – определить степень сформированности коммуникативной компетенции, необходимой для успешного выполнения магистерских программ по иностранному языку.
Программа предусматривает входной уровень владения английским языком по Европейской шкале не ниже B2 (Upper-Intermediate level).
Вступительное тестирование в магистратуру проводится в виде письменного

теста, который включает в себя задания по аудированию (пониманию аутентичных сообщений повседневного, делового и профессионального характера в монологической и диалогической формах на слух); чтению оригинальной профессиональной литературы различных функциональных стилей с целью извлечения необходимой информации; а также лексико-грамматические задания профессионального содержания.

Тест состоит из 7 типов заданий. Нумерация заданий сквозная. Каждый правильный ответ оценивается от 1 до 5 баллов.
Время выполнения теста – 120 минут.

Структура теста
1. Аудирование - прослушивание дважды аудиозаписи иностранной речи

с целью проверки навыков восприятия и понимания устной речи.

Задания (1 – 5), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 5 баллов.
2. Чтение и понимание текста. Выбор верного ответа на вопросы к тексту. Задания (6 – 10), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 5 баллов.
3. Чтение текста и подстановка пропущенных предложений.

Задания (11 – 15), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 2 балла.

4 Лексическое задание с выбором правильного слова из четырех

предложенных. Задания (16 – 25), каждый правильный ответ

оценивается в 1 балл.
5 Чтение текста с целью определить, соответствуют ли приведенные ниже высказывания его содержанию. Задания (26 – 30), каждый

правильный ответ оценивается в 2 балла.

6 Лексическое задание на знание терминов. Заполнить пропуски в тексте одним словом (из 4-х предложенных), соответствующим контексту. Задания (31 – 40), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 1 балл.
7 Проверка знаний в области владения грамматикой. Выбор правильной грамматической формы из 4-х предложенных. Задания (41- 50), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 1 балл.

Максимально возможное количество – 100 баллов.

Содержание теста

Российская Международная Академия Туризма

Вступительное испытание по иностранному языку для поступающих в магистратуру

Шифр № ______________________

1. Аудирование. Задания (1 – 5), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 5 баллов

KTP is а medium-sized engineering company which makes components for the motor industry. You will hear а presentation by their Managing Director, talking about the changes he is planning for the company and its structure.

For each question1-5, mark one letter (А, В or С) for the correct answer.
1. The speaker is giving the presentation because

А the volume of business is due to rise next year.

В the volume of business has risen recently.

С the volume of business has fallen recently.
2. The speaker says that their company hierarchy

А is appropriate for the market.

В is not appropriate for the market.

С needs minor changes to respond to the market.
3. The speaker intends to improve

А contacts with suppliers.

В the procedures for paper-based purchasing.

С the procedures for on-line purchasing.
4. The speaker would like the IT department to

А control the business.

В take over the functions of purchasing.

С support the other departments in the company.

5. The main purpose of the proposed new team is to

А share information on ways of working.

В study the use of computer media.

С arrange information meetings.

2. Чтение и понимание текста. Задания (6 – 10), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 5 баллов.

Read the article about work preferences and the questions below. For each question 6 -10, mark one letter (А, В, С or D) for the answer you choose.
Profiling our behaviour at work

Motivation comes from doing a job well and most of us work best when we are doing something we like. To improve our own motivation and performance, it can help to better understand the types of work we have to do and our own individual

preferences - in other words, how we like to behave at work. Charles Margerison and Dick McCairn, two management psychologists, have developed Team Management Systems as a powerful tool for understanding individual and team

preferences. The work preference model is based on four key dimensions.

1 Establishing relationships

This measures how you like to interact with people at work - at one extreme, very extrovert behaviour is seen in those that like to socialise, network, take on a great variety of tasks and rarely settle on one thing for long. On the other hand, introverts feel much less need to mix, tend to focus on the job in hand and don't like to be interrupted.

2 Information handling

This contrasts the practical person who tends to focus very much on the present, gets on with the job and is very task-focused, with people with a creative leaning who seem to have their heads in the clouds. Creative types are not so good at routine, tend to be more future-oriented and need variety to challenge them.

3 Decision making

Analytical types make their decisions based on objective evidence, have a strong sense of rules and procedures and can be seen as a little cold-hearted. Those of us who are influenced more by our beliefs tend to use subjective criteria when making

decisions. These types have a strong sense of right and wrong and are often very committed to their point of view.
4 Organisation

This dimension contrasts structured types who are usually very time conscious, concentrate on concluding the task, and are less interested in time-consuming debate, with those of a more flexible nature. Flexible types are more disorganised, more open to change if the date changes and not so good at deadlines.

These four dimensions are used to profile individual preferences so that you can think about your own style of work. Once you have a better understanding of your own motivation, you can then start to look at the profiles of other members of your team.
6 Higher motivation and better performance can come from

A doing a job well.

В understanding our own preferences.

С doing different types of work.

D understanding each other.
7 Extroverts like to

A focus on a few tasks.

В settle on a single task.

С have several different things to do.

D concentrate on the job at hand.
8 The information dimension contrasts

A present with future orientation.

В boring with interesting people.

С innovation with creativity.

D time-conscious people with less punctual types.
9 Analytical types are

A committed to a definite point of view.

В guided by a clear set of principles.

С often inflexible.

D inclined to respect rules.
10 Flexible types are

A good at finishing tasks.

В time conscious.

С resistant to change.

D not so time conscious.

3. Чтение текста и подстановка пропущенных предложений.

Задания (11 – 15), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 2 балла.
Read the text from a newspaper article below. Choose the best sentence from the list below to fill each of the gaps. For each gap 11-15, mark one letter (A to E).
A All of these things can make the balance swing in your favour.

B However, they remain the most popular method of recruitment.

C In an ideal world, interviewers would look beyond dress and body language to the 'real you'.

D It seems that your height and weight can influence your chances.

E She also helps them dress in the most appropriate way for the organization they want to join.
In many cases, interviews are an unreliable way of selecting the right person for the job. (11) _________________________. Some people, who would otherwise be excellent candidates, lose out to others who can cope better in interview situations.

It is commonly accepted that ninety per cent of what people think about you is determined by your looks and body language, and just ten per cent depends on what you say. There is a further shocking statistic. (12) ________________________.

Interviewers also admitted that they rarely changed their initial opinion. The saying 'you never get a second chance to make a good first impression', appears to be supported by the facts.

(13) _________________________. In the real world, however, it is probably best to follow your grandmother's advice of 'get a haircut' and 'wear a nice dress'.

What, then, can be done to help interviewees survive the first twelve seconds? Misha Donleavy of Cachet Associates is a personal coach who helps job-seekers to make the most of themselves. She teaches them how to walk into a room, smile, sit, and shake hands.

(14) ________________________. She says that these days, we all need to be able to fit into the image that the company wants to project.

When 300 regular interviewers were questioned, 67% admitted that they made up their minds about a candidate in the first twelve seconds. Fat or short people are commonly, but wrongly, believed to be less intelligent than taller, slimmer rivals.

Misha's exercise programme and diet can help overweight applicants to lose a few kilos and look healthier and more dynamic.

For people who would like to look taller, Misha suggests wearing dark tailored clothes. The right shoes can also help both men and women by adding a vital couple of centimetres to someone's height. (15) _________________________.

4 Лексическое задание. Задания (16 – 30), каждый правильный ответ

оценивается в 1 балл.

Read the article about customer service over the phone. Choose the best word to fill each gap from А, В, С or D below. For each question 16-30, mark one letter (A, B, C or D). There is an example at the beginning (0).
Dealing with customers over the phone

First impressions are (0) __B__ over the phone. Prospective customers are considering (16) _________ or not to do business with you. Irate customers are (17) ______ how helpful and competent you are. For best results, incorporate two easy elements: pleasantness and sincerity.

Pleasantness: A pleasant greeting is (18) ___________to a successful call because it sets the stage emotionally. In general, listeners tend to (19) ________ or 'catch' the emotional states of speakers. In other words, people (20) ________ to what they hear. If we answer the phone gruffly, chances are the caller will become gruff. If we answer the phone pleasantly, chances are the caller will be pleasant, and we all know which caller is easier to work with.

One of the easiest ways lo (21) _________ an emotional state quickly is to concentrate carefully on your (22) _________ language. I recommend that professionals establish a (23) ________ before answering the phone. In order to sound pleasant, we need to be carrying ourselves accordingly. My routine is to sit up on the (24) _________ of my seat, pull my shoulders back, take a deep (25) ___________ smile, let the phone ring twice, then answer. I never answer my phone unless I've gone through this process. My business is too (26) __________ Sometimes I'll even stand before I answer the phone if I need an extra jolt of (27) _______.

Sincerity: I am against scripting greetings because they sound insincere and (28) _________ to irritate callers, and discourage employees. Scripted greetings usually include some kind of (29) ________ 'Hello. It's a beautiful day here at the XYZ Company.' Now I don't care where you work. It can't be that good all day. You want the greeting to be natural, which also makes it easier to sound (30) _______ consistently.
EXAMPLE: 0 A useful В critical C effective D interesting
16 A how В why C whether D if

17 A deciding В thinking C concluding D agreeing

18 A needed В essential C urgent D necessary

19 A act В mime С pretend D mirror

20 A respond В talk С speak D answer

21 A evolve В have C attain D be

22 A foreign В body C new D child

23 A style В ritual C behaviour D rule

24 A point В corner C kerb D edge

25 A puff В sigh C breath D pull

26 A worthwhile В important C interesting D enjoyable

27 A energy В life С fear D electricity

28 A mean В tend C try D aim

29 A saying В motto C slogan D quote

30. A pleasant B bored C embarrassed D dissatisfied

5 Чтение текста. Задания (31 – 35), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 2 балла.

Read the article about writing a CV. According to the text, decide if statements are true or false. On your answer sheet, for questions 31-35, mark A for “true” and B for “false”.
31 The first thing potential employers want is information about you from your previous company.
32 A CV doesn't have to be completely serious.
33 Employers are looking for people skills as much as hands-on experience.
34 Potential employers want as much information in the CV as possible.
35 CVs which include tricks just to be noticed are irritating.
Writing a CV is like eating an elephant. You have to do it chunk by chunk,' says Margaret Stead, CEO of careers consultancy careersnet.com. She feels that all too often we take a daunting, one-size-fits-all approach to compiling a CV. When it comes to CVs, the key is to make it relevant. Ms Stead recommends that, rather than writing a generic chronological CV, you should build up a portfolio of achievements. When applying for a job, identify the achievements that demonstrate skills your potential employer is looking for and then match approximately five from your portfolio.

If you're going for your first job, you might not feel you have five achievements under your belt, but it can be just a question of looking at your experience in the right way. 'Lots of students undersell themselves,' says John Richardson, careers consultant at Manchester University. 'When they say they've done nothing you want to scream at them. You've worked in a bar on a Saturday night in Manchester? You've got experience handling conflict!'

The same applies to any attempt to make your CV stand out from the crowd. When it comes to quirky touches, 'Do it for a reason,' says Nic Owen, account director at advertising agency M&C Saatchi. 'If there's a reason for it then it can be powerful but gimmicks for their own sake are annoying.' Ms Stead fondly remembers a CV that turned up with a teabag attached and an invitation to 'have a cup of tea while you read my CV!' But she agrees that you can't rely on the person who reads your CV sharing your sense of humour. As a general rule, Stead says, tricks like printing your CV on neon yellow paper are 'wrong, wrong, wrong.'

What about length? Must you keep everything on one page? Is it OK to stretch to three? Mr Richardson feels that two pages are pretty standard for the UK, and that busy recruiters won't read anything much longer than that. 'The key is to be pithy' says Mr Owen, 'I saw a CV recently that was so simple. It was about 10 lines long. Just: I went to this university, I'm interested in these things, I want to work in advertising for these reasons. It was very impressive.'

With all this, you're probably running out of space. The good news is that you don't need to include references. It's perfectly acceptable to put 'references available on request' at the bottom.

Mr Owen also thinks humour can help. He says it's important to let your personality come across. 'People think they have to be so serious. You shouldn't be flippant, but the best CVs are the ones where you warm to the person. In the end you just have to be yourself. If you lie about who you are now and get the job, you will have to be that person for the rest of your career.'

6 Лексическое задание на знание терминов. Задания (36 – 40), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 1 балл.
Read the text below. Choose the best word to fill each gap from the box below. On your answer sheet, for questions 36-40, write the letter of the variant you chose.
A. knowledge

B. know-how

C. competencies

D. best practices

E. learning organization
Welcome to day two of the ABZ Electronics graduate trainee induction programme. Today we are going to look at the importance of (36) .......................... and at how we ensure that it is available and useful to everyone in the company.

At ABZ we see ourselves as а (37) ..................................., but this does not simply mean that we train you. Of course, it is in our interests to ensure that all staff reach а level of efficiency that matches the (38) ........................... within the

organization. To achieve this, we devote а significant proportion of the working week to training courses for our staff, some of which take place at the company university.

In addition to this formal training, we know you need the opportunity to tap into the many years of experience and practical (39) ....................... gained by your colleagues. It is also important for you to learn about the (40) .............. these people use in their work and how to develop them yourselves. And we take professional development very seriously at ABZ.

7 Проверка знаний в области владения грамматикой. Задания (41- 50), каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 1 балл.

For each sentence 41- 50, mark one letter (A, B, C or D) to fill the gaps.
41. The graph presents the data ______ to teenagers and pocket money.
A) relating B) related C) are relating D) is related
42. When managers at the head office found out what the local manager was ___ ____, they were furious.
A) do B) done C) doing D) did
43. The essay draws ______ data from the latest sociological surveys.
A) it’s B) his C) their D) its
44. Wilson conclusively establishes a relationship between ______
A) two phenomena B) two phenomenon C) the two phenomena D) the two phenomenons
45. We need ______ our analysis to obtain more accurate results.
A) refining B) to refine C) refine D) to be refined
46. More and more companies have realised that the conventional mass-production model on which consumer marketing _______ no longer works.
A) has based B) is based C) has been based D) had been based
47. We won’t be able to do business with you unless you _______ with our ethical policy.
A) comply B) will comply C) will be complied D) complied
48. According to recent research, people with _______ or no educational qualifications are three times more likely to accept training when it is offered.
A) a little B) few C) little D) less
49. All aspects of _______ culture must be seen as involving complex, sometimes contradictory, relations.
A) consumption B) consumer’s C) consumer D) consuming

50. The Japanese market accounts ______ 35% of the company’s revenue.
A) in B) for C) of D) to

Дата_________________________ __________________(подпись)

Результат вступительного испытания _________________(баллы)

_______________________________________ ____________________

(ФИО экзаменатора) (подпись)


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