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Администрация муниципального образования «Город Майкоп»

Республики Адыгея

Комитет по образованию

Тема урока

Объединенное королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии”

(The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

учитель английского языка

МОУ «СОШ № 15»

Кагриманян Анжела Аведисовна

г. Майкоп

2010 г.

Тип урока Урок обобщения и повторения

Класс 8 А
Цели урока

Учебная – обобщение и повторение пройденного материала по теме «The Geography and Political Outlook of the UK», контроль знаний по теме.
Воспитательная – формирование умения работать в группах, самостоятельно, формирование положительной мотивации к изучению иностранного языка, воспитание толерантного отношения друг к другу.
Развивающая – развитие логики, произвольного внимания, речевой догадки.
Образовательная – научить применять изученный лексический материал по теме в речи, используя, полученные знания о культуре страны изучаемого языка.
Необходимое оборудование и материалы

Компьютер, мультимедийный проектор (презентация), оформленная доска (задание), раздаточный материал, карточки с заданиями.

Учебник И. Н. Верещагиной для 5 класса. Английский язык. V класс: учеб. для общеобразовательных учреждений и школ с углубленным изучением английского языка

CD курс English in action. The Royal family

Ход и содержание урока

  1. Приветствие

Glad to see you, dear pupils. Hope you are doing well today, aren’t you? Very well. OK. Ready to go? Let’s start.

  1. Организационный момент

Is everybody here? Who is away? Why? What happened? Have you heard the last news from Great Britain?

  1. Постановка цели

The theme of our lesson is ‘My Britain’. It’s a great pleasure for me to talk about Great Britain. Many years ago the greatest English poet William Shakespeare said «Britain is a world by itself. » Today we are going to play game to check your knowledge and to know who has the best knowledge and who knows more information about the geography and political outlook of the UK.

II. Основной этап

1. T: Let’s start our play. I’ll divide you in 2 groups and you try to work very hard to prove your good knowledge. First of all look at the blackboard. Here you can see 2 columns of words (1st column is for the 1st group, 2nd – for the 2nd one):

- …Northern Ireland - …Cardiff

- …Scots (nation.) - …Straits of Dover

- …English Channel - …Scotland

- …Edinburgh - …British Isles

- …Welsh - …North Sea

- …Atlantic Ocean - …United Kingdom

Your task is to choose one person in group who will read these words. For each word I’ll give you one point if you read and translate it correctly. Don’t forget about articles!

Very good! I see that you know the correct pronunciation of words. And what about you knowledge of capitals, people and languages of some countries. Now you’ll work like that. I need one representative from each team. This man will work individually. Ok. You task is to match the word with the translation (Приложение № 2). And other members of the group will work in your groups. You task is to fill in the table (Приложение № 3). You have 4 minutes. Let’s check

Good job! So, let’s continue the game. It’s an island country. Britain is very small compared with many other countries in the world, yet it is the surprisingly varied land in many different ways: the diversity landscape in different parts of the country; a long history that is rich in historic events, a varied cultural heritage; long-lived customs and traditions, the great cities of London, Edinburgh, Oxford and Cardiff.

2. Контроль выполнения домашнего задания

I think that your knowledge in words is brilliant. Now you’ll work in your groups.

Great Britain or Albion is an ancient and poetic name for this country, perhaps from the white (Latin “Albus”) cliffs of Dover. So where is it situated? Nastya tells us about the geographical position of Great Britain.

(презентация блока «Географическое положение Великобритании»

P1 - рассказывает по слайду ) слайды № 2, 3, 4,

T : Every country has its history; the UK is not an exception. Pages from the history of G.B. in brief will be told by Kristina

(презентация блока «История Соединенного Королевства» слайды 5 – 12)

T: Great Britain is situated on the British Isles but it doesn’t mean that this country is isolated. No, it’s a part of the world and has a great influence on the process in all spheres of the world political system. All about the British political structure Sergey know (Презентация блока «Политическая структура Великобритании») слайды 13 - 17

Презентация блока «Символы Британии ( слайды 18 -20)
Your task is to solve the crossword. I’ll give you 4 minutes for work

Your time is over, please return me sheets of paper. We’ll continue our work .

So now two pupils – one of each team – will work with cards. Your task will be to
make up sentences with words (Приложение № 1, 4) Other members of the group will work with me. слайды 21, 22

Very good! So, you know the right facts and it’s very difficult to confuse you. And now I want to check what you know about the land and the people in the UK. Two pupils – one of each team – will work with me. Choose the representative. Your task will be to answer the questions on the cards.

And other pupils will work with cards. Your task is to bring letters together to take a word – it’s a geographical name – and to show these subjects on your map. Start your work Well done! You work very hard. I see that you know much information about the geography of the UK. And now your task is to prove your knowledge in political system of the country. I’ll give you cards and your task is to tell me about the queen and the parliament in the UK. I’ll give you 5 minutes to prepare (Приложение № 5). So, we are ready to listen to your representatives (1 – слайд № 18, 2 – слайд №19). Good work!

III. Заключительный этап. Подведение итогов.

So. Let’s sum up everything. What did we do today? Today we remember the information about the UK, repeat our words on this topic.

And the results of our game. The 1st team has …points. The 2nd team has … points. And the winner is…. Thank you for your work. The lesson is over. Good bye. Good luck!

Приложение 1. Кроссворд. To solve the crossword.

1. What is a person when he doesn’t want to get into trouble?

2. It is a person who knows much about the law.

3. What is person when he is unhappy because he is alone?

4. Not careful.

5. It is a group of people living together under one government.

6. Someone who is very good and holy.

7. It is mark (знак).

8. This word means belonging to a king or a queen.

9. It is a country ruled by a king or a queen.










Приложение 2. Таблица. To match the word with the translation.

1. especially

a) промышленность

2. symbol

b) задерживать

3. state

c) удивлять, изумлять

4. lonely

d) неосторожно

5. to be surprised at

e) промышленный

6. careful

f) быть удивленным

7. former

g) постоянный

8. industry

h) символ

9. saint

i) состоять из

10. to surprise

j) бывший, прошлый

11. permanent

k) святой

12. to delay

l) государство

13. to consist of

m) одинокий

14. carelessly

n) осторожный

15. industrial

o) особенно, специально

Приложение 3. To make up sentence with the word.
1 group: 2 group:

- lonely - saint

- to belong to - to offer

- careful - state

- power - permanent

- lawyer - to include

Приложение 4. Таблица. Fill in the table.







The English





The Welsh

Northern Ireland

The Irish

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